Summer Rain: The Soundtrack

During the writing of Summer Rain, I listened to a lot of music. I spent a lot of time finding the right CDs to get me in the mood to write without distracting me. I also spent a lot of money tracking down old records from the late 80's and early 90's that I listened to during the time the book took place. Thanks to my CD-R drive, I managed to make compilations of those songs that I could put on repeat and play until they wore thin.

I thought it would be fun to post track listings from these compilations. Now you can see what music was in my head when I wrote Summer Rain. If you really want to, you can even hunt down some of these albums and make your own soundtrack. I'll start with the first CD, and put down more when I remember to type them in. Enjoy!

Disc One

  1. Shadowfax - Northern Lights (Shadowfax Live)
  2. Eric Marienthal - Oasis (Oasis)
  3. Pat Metheny - It's For You (As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls)
  4. Napalm Death - Contemptuous (Utopia Banished)
  5. Nocturnus - Nocturne in B m (Thresholds)
  6. Chick Corea - Illusions (Beneath the Mask)
  7. Peter Gabriel - Secret World (Us)
  8. Shadowfax - Road to Hanna (What Goes Around)
  9. Sting - Ghost Story (Brand New Day)
  10. Queensryche - Disconnected (Promised Land)
  11. Type O Negative - Die With Me (October Rust)
  12. Pink Floyd - Two Suns in the Sunset (The Final Cut)

Disc Two

  1. Motorhead - (We Are) The Road Crew (Ace of Spades)
  2. Entombed - Crawl (Clandestine)
  3. Sloppy Seconds - Blackmail (Destroyed)
  4. Carcass - Impropagation (Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious)
  5. Morbid Angel - Chapel of Ghouls (Grindcrusher 2)
  6. Dismember - Dismembered (Like an Everflowing Stream)
  7. Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise (World Domination)
  8. Nocturnus - BC/AD (Grindcrusher 2)
  9. Gwar - Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good (America Must Be Destroyed)
  10. Desultory - Tears (Into Eternity)
  11. Anal Cunt - Killing Yourself to Live (Masters of Misery - Black Sabbath: The Earache Tribute)
  12. Haunted Garage - 976-KILL (Possession Park)
  13. Deicide - Crucifixation (Deicide)
  14. Cathedral - Solitude (Masters of Misery)